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Providing the best research possible over the web.

For a professional appraisal at our physical store location in Pittsburgh where we can examine the items in person and in detail, we charge $30.00 and up, depending on the items to be researched. The appraised amount is also our offer to buy. If we tell you your coins are worth $3.00 or $300,000 it means we are ready to cut a check for that amount. Technology hasn't quite progressed to the level that we can use our full knowledge and abilities to perform formal appraisals over the web, but it has advanced to the point that we can provide a similar service to a formal appraisal that may be equally beneficial to you.

Here is what we can do for you:

We can give you information on basic values, identification of your coins, grade or condition considerations, how to determine mint (where the coin was made, which may add considerable value), and other varieties in your coins. We can also provide diagnostics on determining the authenticity of your coins, advice on how to market your coins, and many other bits of information appropriate to your particular case.

How does this benefit you?

It keeps you from getting cheated. Let's say that you have a group of silver dollars made between 1878 and 1921. Those are Morgan series and any dealer will pay you at least $5.00 for each one. Many dealers will NOT tell you that there are some very rare dates and varieties in the series that even in low grades will bring $100, or more, each. And if one of your 1921 dollars does not look like the other dollars made between 1878 and 1904, it could be a "Peace" dollar and if it is a "plain" it is worth at least twice the value of the 1921 "Morgan.” As another example, you have two Standing Liberty quarters both dated 1923. If one is a "plain,” it has a base value of about $10.00, but if it is an "S", that base jumps to almost $200.00! It would be nice to know, wouldn't it?

Knowledge is power-- empower yourself. Let us help you do it.

We have been bombarded by “appraisal” email to point where one of our staff was working full time answering these questions. So it is clear we can’t do this for free.

However, since we cannot do everything we could do in person, we have decided to reduce our usual fee to a reasonable base of $10.00 that can be charged to your Visa, MasterCard or Discover. Rarely will more than this base fee be required (unless you send us a large list of coins or a two hour videotape showing "your collection," which has actually been done on a couple occasions). If the appraisal amount will need to exceed the $10.00 value, you will be contacted for permission before any other fee is assessed.

Who do we do appraisals for?

Are there things we cannot do over the web? There sure are.

Are there coins we cannot identify or questions we cannot answer? Sure! And if so, your payment is returned.

There are things you can do to help insure yourself the best answer possible.

Things to remember! Please note:

Suggestions for shipping your coins:

  1. Use an “inner package” such as a zip lock bag or smaller box to hold your coins.
  2. Use an outside package about twice the size of what you are shipping to allow space for protective material such as newspaper. Distribute the weight evenly and use enough protective material (such as crumpled newspaper) to prevent movement.
  3. Be sure your outside package is strong enough and use the proper kind of tape to seal it.
  4. Put your address and our address on a sheet of paper inside each of the inner boxes/bags and inside the outer box.
  5. Insure your package for the full value you assign or the estimate from our “Research Services.”
  6. Shipping charges are the customer's responsibility both to and from us. If the coins are sold to us and the value exceeds a minimum of $100.00, we will return your shipping cost and the “appraisal” fee!

If the collection is significant and it is not possible to ship it, or you would like to “control” the atmosphere, that is fine, we will come to you.

Please call for specific details.

If you are calling us for an “appraisal”, please specify that you received this information from the Internet.

Email: or

Web site:

Phone: (412) 531-3100

U.S. Postal address:, Inc.
2925 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

We would like to hear from you.


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